Sunday, February 3, 2008

Landmark Tower

Today was snowing and I decided to go to Landmark tower. It is tallest building in Japan - 296m. Seeing clouds going by was interesting and now I know why people call tall buildings - skyscrapers. So this is what I saw from top to Landmark tower.

Video: Landmark tower and snow

Landmark tower
Image: Landmark tower when looking from station

Image: Landmark tower when looking accross all Yokohama

Landmark tower
Image: Landmark tower during clear sky day

From Shinagawa, Tokyo station by Keihin-Tohoku line (blue color) till station Sakuragicho, 30 min from Shinagawa station.

This whole area of Minatomirai on the Google map. With this you can spot places shown on video. Landmark tower is in the center and dropping big shadow to the right.

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Alison said...

Fantastic video! I've never been up Landmark Tower, that view was fantastic even on a snowy day. Love the music too, it really added to the atmosphere of just being somewhere where you can watch and dream! Glad there wasn't an earthquake though...

Mountaincat said...

Thank you! :) You should see Landmark Tower. It is really nice - inside, outside, architecture etc.