Friday, October 17, 2008

Confucius Temple and Longshan Temple in Taipei

Videos from two temples in Taipei – Confucius Temple and Longshan Temple (sometimes refered in Taiwanese maps as Lungshan Temple).

Video: ceremony near Confucius Temple

First, in afternoon to Confucius Temple. I don’t know what is going on there – some kind of ceremony. I can only keep wondering and film.

Confucius temple
Image: interesting drawing on the temple wall. Also shown in video

Image: dragon sculpture

Image: in the small park nearby to temple

Other temple – Longshan, I visited during the night. It has really nice decorations, which looked somehow mysterious in the dark. I immersed myself into quiet music and mythical atmosphere of the temple.

Video: night time in Longshan temple

I really liked this place and I wanted to stay more, but at times I felt I am like a farmer right from the field – stomping dusty boots into clear waters of the spring. I could only appreciate devotion of these people and try to stay invisible as possible.

Longshan Temple
Image: front gate of Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple
Image: here is look inside. Picture below is look to the right from the same place

Longshan Temple
Image: table where people have brought fruits and other items for blessing

It was already late when I visited Longshan Temple. Next day leaving to Hualien.

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