Thursday, October 16, 2008

Taipei 101

I read somewhere on internet that this is currently tallest building in the world. There are observation floor on 89th floor – last or pre-last floor of main body, and then there is smaller house and antenna on top of it. According to guide I picked up in subway, Taipei 101 is 503 m tall and there are 101 floors. From both 89th and 88th floors big mass ball can be observed. It supposedly reduces building movements during strong wind, which I could not verify. Elevator there was really fast!

Image: Some views from Taipei 101 89th floor

I came back to Taipei 101 after one week when weather was not good - hoping for more spectacular views, but observation platform was closed due to typhoon. I hoped there will be discount as in Yokohama Landmark tower on bad weather days.

Taipei 101
Image: Taipei 101 as it is seen accros half of city

Next to see famous temples in Taipei.

It costs 400 Taiwan dollars to go up to 89th floor.

Building on Google map looks like this. You can still zoom in.

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