Monday, August 23, 2010

Traveling from Japan to Korea by ship

This was enjoyable overnight ferry trip from Japan to Korea. It was in the middle of hot and windless days, so even at sea I could not feel much cooler than on ground.

In the morning arrival in Pusan port, where nice views of port and city.

Shimonseki Japan
Image: leaving Shimonoseki port

Shimonoseki Japan
Image: night scene on the sea

Pusan port
Image: splendid view of Pusan port in the morning

Access: Shimonoseki port is connected to Shimonoseki station by walkway. After arrival into port need to check in and fill some forms. After arrival in Korea next morning, there is 2 hours waiting time for unknown purposes. In Pusan, subway station is within walk from port. Busan station is next stop on subway.

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